Concept Design and Development:

May include outlines, proposals, script drafts, and pitch meetings. $100/hr.



May include location scouting, casting, scheduling, set design/dressing $100/hr


Full Day Filming Basic Rate (up to 10 hrs):

Includes 2 person crew, set up/breakdown, camera, audio recording, lighting, full camera and equipment package including: DJI Phantom Pro Drone, cineslider, DJI Ronin Gimbal, and GLIDEcam. $1000/day.


Post Production:

Includes edit, titles, sound design, final delivery. Comprises 1 initial cut, 2nd cut with notes, and 3rd edit polish. $1000/ edit. Additional cuts after polish $100/hr. (Post can be done with footage provided by the client)


Music Supervision:

Curation of score for project. Initial submission of 3 royalty free choices $300. Further curation 100/hr. Payment for music license will be invoiced to the client. Music License: $49-599+ (price can depend on song, size of company, and video distribution.)



Sweetening, mixing, and redubbing. $200/hr.

Larger more complicated design and mix to be overseen in professional mixing stage. Same rate applies for supervision of final mix. Professional mixing stage can range from $300-1000+ per day.  Will be invoiced to the client.


Additional Filming/ Reshoots:


Change Orders

Redesigning and changing agreed upon structural project concepts, such as the script, that REQUIRE rewrites, reshoots, or substantial re-edits constitute a change order. and thus are subject to rates that are essentially a new project, in addition to the rates for the abandoned project that client is still responsible for.


Discounts or negotiations are at the full discretion of Grand Scheme Productions pending the final project.